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12 Best Camping Places In and Around Chennai – Chill Out Nature

Last updated on April 29th, 2020 at 07:37 am

Are you an adventure lover, there are a lot of places available to visit in and around Chennai, which are the best places for outdoor activities. However, you like adventure sports, places for sightseeing, cycling, trekking, or camping, you will definitely love the city and the surrounding area has to offer.

You want to feel the best experience at least once in your life then follow this post to the popular camping places in and around Chennai. TourismChennai listed out all the best places for you based on distance-wise, so scroll down here:

Camping Places Near Chennai Within 100 km

1. Chembarambakkam Lake

Chembarambakkam Lake, near Chennai is perfect for a one-day open-air camping place in Chennai. The riverbanks belong to a number of camping sites, with comfy amenities. You can stay relax at a campsite on the lake; enjoy the beautiful sunset and some outdoor sports. On the other hand, you can set paddling at the place. There are some good ways available to eat near Chembarambakkam Lake.

Location: Sriperumbudur

Distance: 25 km from Chennai

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2. Pulicat Lake

Located on the outer of Chennai, the lake is a place for camping near Chennai and adventure sports. The place is attractive and the surroundings are very clean and neat. Here, you can arrange your own setup for the tent at the place or reserve one at the campsite on the riverbank. At the peak season, it’s best to reserve a tent in advance.

Location: Chittor

Distance: 53 km from Chennai

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3. Mahabalipuram

In general, travelers believe Mahabalipuram to be connected with ancient religious architecture. However, the city is good for camping places near Chennai. Depending on your comfort zone you have to choose the staying option either tents or cottages near the beach side.

At these places, you also have plenty of opportunities to indulge in fun sports with your friends, beloved one or family. Catch the sunset in the evening, after that taste a charming BBQ dining or bonfire at camp, sound songs and enjoy the outdoors before calling it a night.

Location: Mahabalipuram

Distance: 61 km from Chennai

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4. Nagalapuram

Nagalapuram is ideal for trekking near Chennai and the hills and waterfalls are the great scenery for a challenging climb. As most tourists come to Nagalapuram for a walk, there are a few places where tents are laid out and nature is best enjoyed. The perfect location for a place for camping in Chennai at Nagalapuram is close to the waterfall. The landscape is ideal and the place is the best vantage spot to feel the best of nature it offers.

Location: Nagalapuram

Distance: 70 kms from Chennai

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5. Mamandur

Thinking about camping in the jungle? Right, at Mamandur is the best option for camping places around Chennai for you. The campsite is calm and comfortable to stay outdoors in the forest area of Tamil Nadu. Absolutely safe, the campsites include the services like watchtowers, a spacious area for outdoor sports, forest guided tours and bungalows, unless you are comfortable staying outside.

Location: Chennai – Kadapa Highway

Distance: 70 km from Chennai

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6. Ubbalamudugu or Tada Falls

The Ubbalamudugu or Tada Falls are situated in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is a popular spot for trekking. Because it is located near Chennai, most of the peoples who live in Chennai choose the weekends to camp and trek to the Tada Falls.

The perfect choice to enjoy the weekend adventure in Ubbalamudugu is to initial phase start with the trek and then set up a campsite in the natures of Tada Falls. The place is one of the best parts of camping places around Chennai. Suppose, if you didn’t get your own, you can book a campsite. There are a lot of camps located in Ubbalamudugu frequently.

Location: Chittoor

Distance: 92 km from Chennai

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Camping Places Near Chennai Around 100 Km

7. Alamparai Fort

The spot on the beach near the Alamparai Fort is perfect for camping places near Chennai. Actually, there are some of the campsites located on the beach. The spot is ideal for those who wish to come back and enjoy a leisurely vacation, and also for water sports. On the beach, there is an additional option available for boat riding to enjoy the surrounding spots. In the night, campfire at the campsite and BBQs are catching on the beach.

Location: Edaikazhinadu

Distance: 111 km from Chennai

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8. Gingee Fort

The Gingee Fort is an ancient fort that is currently somewhat ruined. A huge hit with the researchers, many traditional camps are held in this fort. The campsites are arranged near the fort and take in activities like touring and trekking to the fort. An ideal place for who loves adventure sports with the fitness ability of trekking to the place is a challenge that needs to be accepted.

Location: Gingee

Distance: 157 km from Chennai

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9. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is the best places for camping near Chennai. The quiet and charming island has all the perfect factors for a comfy and relaxing stay. Apart from staying at hotels, camping in Auroville is a great way to enjoy your accommodation in Pondicherry. There are a lot of places close to the beach where you can set up campsites. You can enjoy a campfire and an evening outside. There are a few tour operators who have received prior permission to run camps in Auroville.

Location: Auroville

Distance: 169 km from Chennai

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10. Nellore

Though Nellore is popular as a spiritual city, it is an ideal set up for beach camping places near Chennai. There are some places to camp on the beach. Ideal for a relaxing vacation, camping sites in Nellore have comfy tents along with campfire facilities.

Location: Nellore

Distance: 176 km from Chennai

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11. Peermade Waterfalls

Perumedu Falls is one of the not familiar places to known tourist destinations in Kerala. This creates the best place for couples and outdoor activities who don’t like crowds. The wide-open spaces close to the waterfalls stand for that one can enjoy a peaceful camp. So, are you among one those who want a quiet, calming time to spend outdoors, we ensure you will enjoy camping at Peermade Falls.

Location: Peerumedu 

Distance: 176 km from Chennai

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12. Yelagiri

Camping in Yelagiri offers the best opportunity to enjoy numerous adventure sports at the same time. Camping sites here not only give you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor time but also for outdoor games, bike riding, and more. This is one of the best camping places in and around Chennai. Ideal for adventure activities lovers; you can include much fun at campsites here with partner, friends, or family.

Location: Yelagiri

Distance: 228 km from Chennai

So, are you planning to visit Chennai and want to do something other than the usual sightseeing, the perfect idea is a trip to visit the camping places near Chennai. You can use some days to explore any of the places mentioned above on this list, and you are ensuring to have a pleasant time in your life.

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