23 Famous Things In Chennai

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Chennai, the capital of the famous southern India city of Tamil Nadu, attracts many travelers, either as tourists or a kind of its larger workforce. Most say that Chennai is one of the best tourist places in South India.

Most of them know that Chennai is famous as IIT, educational, and Industrial Center. The city is famous for its passion for musical lovers. But, there’s a lot more to the place than you think. With its diverse culture and heritage, vibrant festivals, exquisite delicacies, and its magnificent “Chennai Tamil”, the city never ceases to amaze locals and foreigners living here. Let’s get a deeper seem at some of the famous things in Chennai.

Well-Known Famous Part of Chennai

1. Unique Culture

Chennai people are very proud of their traditions and culture. They are madly protective of their native language, Tamil, and many like better to communicate in Tamil compare to any other language. Culture is certainly famous things in Chennai. Yet popular holidays and festivals modes are celebrated in Chennai are very unique from those celebrated in other parts of India.

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2. Jallikattu

Jallikattu is an indivisible form of Tamil culture and heritage. The bull riding game has been conducted and played for every year in the Month of January. The locals take part in the bullfight each year. The festival started during the Tamil traditional period and has since flourished.

Today, in spite of a few controversies, Jallikattu is marked all over Chennai with luxury and showmanship. For the carnival, special zebu cattle bulls are bred and utilized. Jallikattu is a very famous things in Chennai; it has its hold Premier League is known as Jallikattu Premier League.

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3. Pongal

Among the most famous festivals in India, Pongal is a harvest carnival celebrated in Chennai. This is a four daylong celebration through which the farmers give their prayers to God for a good harvest and look for his good thing to enjoy this in the future. Pongal is usually celebrated in the mid of January.

During this festival, people buy new dresses and prepare special food – Sakkari Pongal – for their friends and family. Sakkari Pongal contains rice, milk, ghee, nuts, and jaggery, which is making ready by cooking those elements on a slow fire. After that, this food is served to the Sun God before it is served to all family members. Some other must-try dishes are also made in the celebration mode. If you are planning to visit Chennai in the month of January, you’re the eye witness of this festival celebrated in a classical way and enjoy the delicious delicacies made on this occasion.

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4. Temples

Throughout Chennai, you will find many different temples. They are attractively constructed with high towers gopurams at the entranceway, followed by internal chambers, where the deity is placed and worshiped. The majority of the temples are built according to the Dravidian architectural model. For the period of the festivals, these temples in Chennai come alive with special poojas, on the one hand, the whole range, and on the other hand, a multitude of devotees worship the Lord.

Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple and Ashtalakshmi Temple are a few of the best temples in Chennai. The most striking mark of the temples in Chennai is the stunning artifacts at the top of the structure.

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5. Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth or Thalaiva is an icon in Chennai as he is popularly known by his fans. The actor has acted in over 1000 films and about all his movies have been blockbuster hits. Due to his beloved fans who admire to watch the first show from the first day, his movies are full of theater.

From his conversations to his unique dress sense, Rajinikanth’s fans never failed to follow him. How famous he is. In a few parts of this city and India, there is a lot of food shops called after the iconic star.

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6. Tropical Climate

Chennai is identified for its hot and humid weather. Almost part of the year, except for the monsoon and winter, Chennai enjoys very hot and humid weather as it is situated on the hot equator and also show-offs of a huge coastline. The great way to cool off on a warm day in Chennai is by having tender coconut water on the seashore or cold beer in a pub.

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7. Chennai Super Kings

The one who most loved cricket in Chennai and is an avid cricket fan. They support and encourage the Chennai Super Kings resembling a true fan for the team. The local team in the IPL is highly sought after by the people of Chennai who have assembled one of India’s most beautiful venues, the Chepauk Stadium, to encourage their team on all IPL matches. They are all ready for a fine time by their flags and team jerseys t-shirt.

The fans supporter express their love on their team so much that they make it ready to travel up to Delhi to encourage their favorite. The CSK fan club named them as Whistle Podu Army which is one of the things in Chennai for famous. The group song Whistle Podu has to turn into an anthem in Chennai.

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8. Cheap Movie Tickets

Chennai is among some of the cities in India where movie tickets are sold at low-price. This is because the law does not allow multiplexes and cinema theaters to charge above Rs. 160 per ticket. This is the main reason behind it most of the movies are so famous in Chennai.

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9. Passion for Film

The people who living in Chennai is very interested in Tamil films. They want to see all the new releases from the first day of the show and flock to theaters to entertain their favorite heroes. When new movies of Rajinikanth or a Vijay have been screened, fans are coming up to see what their favorite movie stars have to give in their new movies in theaters across the city. They don’t even tired have to do whistle or dance enjoying the feel of actors acting in every scene

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10. Carnatic Music

If there is one type of music that is famous in Chennai, it is Carnatic music. Throughout the city, you will find Carnatic music concerts and performances of renowned artists. Akin to the popular Hindustani music in North India, Carnatic music is the classical kind of music that created and developed in the South. Croon soothing and melodic rhythms give a calming effect on the ears of the music while performing the music. This is definitely the best experience for anyone planning to Chennai.

Apart from classical music, the place is also popular for hosting some of the finest karaoke nights where the people don’t mind singing in the crowd along with automatically their feet are tap for their favorite.

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11. Coffee Culture

These city people love their coffee and strongly love it! You can plan Alwarpet, Royapettah, Mylapore and more, there are several best cafes in Chennai that have incredible coffee. After the 1990s, the coffee shop culture has been entangled with the locals. Even if you get a wide range of coffee in town, first-class old filter-coffee is the most famous coffee. Although most of the people feel the breakfast is not satisfied without having a sip of coffee in Chennai.

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12. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is among the world’s second-largest and most famous beaches in Chennai. The beach is clean and neat and gives travelers a beautiful view, crystal water, and several water sports. They can also find some snacking local snacks on the beach, go horseback riding, or simply lie down on the beach beds. In the morning, many people find Jogging or walk for an early morning to the beach.

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13. Bharatnatyam

Bharatanatyam is among the important and famous dance forms in India and Chennai. It is a traditional dance type and is learned enthusiastically in this city, among all this is the best things in Chennai for famous. At festivals and other holy occasions, you will find live performances by famous artists and their followers who display their art and ability at these famous stages.

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14. Living Legends

Chennai is a city which is belongings to a few iconic Indian people. Even though it is areas of science, sports, technology, entertainment, or the music industry, the city has provided real maestros to all of these areas.

Ashwin, Viswanathan Anand, Murali Vijay, A.R Rahman, Ilayaraja, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, MSV, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, and Bharathi Raja, Mani Ratnam are some memorable and notable persons from Chennai.

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15. Sundal

Sundal is a well-liked snack and is offered on the beaches of Chennai. Also, some of the other street foods in Chennai you can refer to here. You can frequently find street stalls selling this tasty snack prepared from channa and add extra flavor with local masalas. Trendy among locals, Sandal is much needed to taste on any beach.

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16. Ambur Biryani

Amur Biryani is the most popular type of Biryani in Chennai. Lightly spiced rice and hot meat curry prepare the dish. It is offered at all non-vegetarian restaurants in town. The great place to taste the original flavor of Ambur Biryani in Chennai is the shop name of Ambur Star Biryani located in Vadapalani.

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17. Chettinad Food

Chettinad cuisine is very famous in Chennai. This dish sourced in the Chettinad area of Tamil Nadu and has developed to be very popular with the netizens. The cuisines are prepared using several of local masalas and fresh elements. The best places for Chettinad cuisine in Chennai, which has a real taste of foods in Parambriym located in Anna Nagar West, Dakshin located in Alwarpet, and Amala Chettinad Mess located in Anna Nagar.

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18. South Indian Food

Chennai is also called a food paradise. The diversity of dishes you find in the city is simply breathtaking. If you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, the selection of foods offered is amazing.

The South Indian palette provides many dishes that taste entirely several varieties from each other, and also stimulates the taste buds. You can enjoy everything from soft idly, crispy dosa, many kinds of curry and rice, to crunchy vada to real sweet foods.

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19. Saree Shopping

If you like ethnic clothes and sarees, especially, you can shop till you get to the many saree stores in Chennai. You can select a normal cotton saree or a sophisticated woven silk saree – there is no lack of different types of sarees you can catch in Chennai. Also, check out the shopping places in Chennai. Sarees are presented in various designs, printings, and colors.

You can bargain for affordable prices at local stores or go to major top stores like Nalli Silks and buy the finest sarees in Chennai.

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20. IIT Madras

The creative minds and most unique talented employees are from IIT Madras. The highly praised university is famous around the world. Other than education, the IIT Madras campus gives freedom to students all kinds of development to shine in many areas of their interest. They have a sophisticated cinema, an open theater and a lot of music concert halls on campus.

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21. Monuments

Chennai is residence to historic attractions and heritages are famous things in Chennai. These consist of forts, museums, and architectonic memorials throughout the city. Travelers visiting Chennai have a lot of places to discover about the loaded history and tradition of the city. A few of the most famous monuments in Chennai are Fort St.George, Valluvar Kottam, Rippon Building, Doveton House, and Vivekananda House.

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22. British-era Architecture

Even though Chennai is growing at a rapid pace, it has not yet lost its Old World attraction. The city is famous for its British period of architecture. Around the city, you will get lots of more buildings of beautiful British architecture. These historic buildings are revered to this day.

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23. Rock And Metal Music

If old people love Carnatic music, young people cannot find adequate rock and metal sounds. Across the city, there are many pubs and bars living rock and metal, which is a joy to the locals. There are some great local rock and metal groups in Chennai which has only improved the popularity of this variety.

There are a lot of things that make the most famous things in Chennai. But here specified list is the topmost reason why this good-looking city never fails to remark by anyone. People from Chennai can relay to the city, it’s traditional and heritage and other things talk about in this blog. Let us share your experience in the comments section.

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