11 Best Haunted Places In Chennai In 2021

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When days are crumbling and darkness begins prevails, the streets in nights, roads, paths and dilapidated houses in Chennai twist cold, grey and haunted. It is only in these nights – in the midst of the tranquil reserve of histories, temples and beaches – that Chennai is moving to a special stature of normal-paranormal. Chennai’s exclusive hunting grounds are added intense, dark, grey and creepy other than some city in the country. So, we recommend you to keep away from visiting the common haunted places in Chennai – the best 10 haunts you need to keep stay away and safe from yourself! Remember your childhood horror stories you listened from your grandparents and adults and enjoy the most amazing time of your life.

Top 11 Most Haunted Places In Chennai

We dare you to travel these undeniably terrific places in Chennai where many paranormal incidents have been really counted more than time.

  1. De Monte Colony
  2. Broken Bridge, Besant Nagar
  3. Besant Avenue Road
  4. F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar
  5. Wipro Technologies CDC5, Sholinganallur
  6. Karikattukuppam, ECR
  7. 2 Laned East Coast Road
  8. Anna Flyover
  9. Theosophical Society
  10. Madras Christian College
  11. Blue Crossroad

1. De Monte Colony

So if you are looking for haunted places in Chennai, this is all about the De Monte colony founded by Portuguese entrepreneur De Monte. He lived a gloomy life because his wife was mentally ill. His son also passed away in unknown situations. The whole colony does not have any single light, which is certainly one of the most haunted places in Chennai.

Terrific Incidence: De Monte frequently visits this colony. People have been seen him frequently while walking on the late-night, open and close doors, and relaxing in his rocking chair.

Real life experience: The colony does not accept anyone who did not follow the rules. Yet, the pet dogs that accidentally enter are strangely hidden. The local people appointed a guard for their safety but he could not survive. Also, the people have seen the locks open and close without anyone moving around.

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2. Broken Bridge, Besant Nagar

One of the haunted places in Chennai, the broken bridge was originally constructed to connect fishermen to the beach. It cannot withstand the waves, break down, and then perish. A favorite shooting place in the daytime, it will become a morning walking path for the residents of the paranormal world and among the most terrifying places in Chennai.

Terrific Incidence: Fishermen insist that a few years ago, women who had been raped and killed here – have the sense of hearing women blaring at night.

Real life experience: Dead bodies without identity cards have been taken on several occasions.

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3. Besant Avenue Road

If a badly burning street, lodging an animal shelter, a school, and a temple, if you looking for a new level of strangers the Besant Avenue road are the best haunted places in Chennai. It seems like normal until the sun rises, once the moon becomes apparently paranormal by the time it catches up the sky.

Terrific Incidence: These attacks appear to be a slightly violent, as his events include hitting the tourists and walking citizens. Sometimes they throw the people over the road and then laugh out loud. This bizarre incident has made it to the list of most horror places in Chennai for local people and tourists alike.

Real life experience: Many people have registered complaints to the local police station that they were so tight-slapped. In some of the complaints registered as the children are thrown from the vehicle on the road. There have been many fatalities, and the road is considered frightening and ghostly.

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4. F2 Building, Valmiki Nagar

It is one of the popular haunted houses in Chennai. This place located in Valmiki Nagar on Ambedkar Road is 15 km away from the Chennai airport. The woman committed suicide at her home, but the place belongs to her father. She has been hunting for shelter for 10 years after her death.

Terrific Incidence: The daughter’s ghost lives in the house for many years since her death. She opens the home for the guests after midnight and provides all the hospitality a visitors needs to get.

Real life experience: Google even refers to the house as a ghost on its map.  A citizen has in reality, a lot of times, heard a girl weeping from the windows of the home. As they walk past, mobile signals cut and the screen begins to glow. The woman has frequently seen the door close in the early morning darkness.

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5. Wipro Technologies CDC5, Sholinganallur

The land where Wipro is located utilized into the graveyard in the 80s.

Terrific Incidence: To look like a human figure has been seen walking in the streets surroundings in the Wipro building in Sholinganallur. The guards have seen many appearances at night.

Real life experience: Security guards who worked in the Wipro office have faced multiple appearances, catching the fever continuing for 3-4 days.

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6. Karikattukuppam, ECR

One of the horror places in Chennai, this area was one of the worst affected by the tsunami in the year of 2004. Many deaths caused the rise of more number of unsatisfactory sad souls in the locality. The place is haunted with only a temple and a few houses to call these unsatisfied souls inhabited – creating it among the popular haunted places in Chennai.

Terrific Incidence: It is famous that these spirits are blood hungry and disturb the only temple in the town.

Real life experience: The people visiting the temple in the early morning there is really evidence for having seen the blood falls on the ground of the temple. Docked body parts have also been finding near the temple and no crime has been found to justify their existence.

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7. 2 Laned East Coast Road

This buttery smooth road provides the pleasure of a ride in the day. The hour of the moon and the two-lane road linking Chennai and Puducherry make it the most haunted place in Chennai. Drivers are dead, passengers and billions of riders are affected with small injuries.

Terrific Incidence: There are many appearances of the spirit on this road – like a small child, a cat, a girl and so on. All of these visibilities on the roadside footage are the main reason for the drivers to lose control of their vehicles..

Real life experience: The person driving his car on this road and suddenly he saw a small child crawling between the roads. What do I think of pushing the gaps? The baby closes to my windshield and turned to me with red glowing eyes. At that moment, I lost my control of wheels and crashed into an accident guard.

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8. Anna Flyover

It’s a semi-ready, empty building in front of Anna Flyover. This tragedy is the suicide site of many sad souls.

Terrific Incidence: People who go through that are frequently told about the bizarre echoing sounds of laughter and crying. The nights are sad examples of gloomy darkness and cold.

Real life experience: A warm summer night in the building get offs a winter cooling of sub-zero degrees. People affected by cold and flu who crossed the spot of Anna flyover building at night time.

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9. Theosophical Society

So every occurrence here turns around a big banyan tree. A wilderness close to the Adyar River in Valmiki area, the Theosophical Society is the famous place visited by many people at day time. All play begins around the tree after 07.00 PM in the evening.

Terrific Incidence: Loud shouts later on sunset and vague names from the tree is one of the most regular experiences in the haunted place of the Theosophical Society.

Real life experience: We take a seat under the tree and capture some pictures. The guards are started to instruct everyone to leave at 7 pm. We required them to stay for some time, and we saw photos of that we captured near the Vivekananda mansion. We heard very terrible shouts from the twigs of the tree, and could not bear it; even the birds started flying in all various directions. This shout was continued more than 30 seconds, and actually no one is there except me and my friend. I could sense the panic and I would cry. We did not look back and ran to the main circle where we informed the guard. They told it can be something of bird sounds. Please, we make out how the birds sound. Several creepy occurrences have been reported since sunset.

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10. Madras Christian College

Well, let’s finish the checklist on a romantic note. This is really about the catharsis of denial. So this ghost walking through the pathway of Herber’s Hall at this place he was attempt suicide because of rejection of love.

Terrific Incidence: The boy comes to the hall at night time and at times in the morning. He makes different sounds like cry, laughs and spoke to his friends. The people have frequently heard his foot sounds.

Real life experience: The guy looks to be a fancy kid. Not only does he play around on the sidewalk, but he also runs out of pipes, throws the vassals and breaks windows.

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11. Blue Crossroad

It is frequently referred to as the suicide point of Chennai, as many suicide cases have been reported along this path, making it among famous haunted places in Chennai.

Terrific Incidence: This is one of the busiest places in Chennai for paranormal activity, you can hear voices from the greenery and if you walk down this road occasionally you will be greeted with enthusiasm.

Real life experiences: As stated by reports, it is assumed that this was the place where the suicide occurred in Chennai with frightening incidents. A lot of cases have been counted, known as the road to suicide. If you occur to walk down this road, the spirits of those who have attempted suicide here may welcome you.

All right, the list doesn’t finish here; we will continually update to do so. If you want anything to include in this list of haunted places in Chennai, share it in the comments box below. Until then, take your plan to Chennai and explore these scary areas for yourself.

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