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Top 8 Haunted Places in the World – Horror Story over the World

No matter where you are traveling, we assure you to find out some important spot of haunted sites, along with a ghost trip to go along with it. Suppose if you’re not an admirer of paranormal events, some of the scariest sites are still worth of your time to visit. Whether for their attractive architecture, jaw-dropping sites, or mesmerizing histories. Here, specified the most Haunted places in the World you will want to visit any day of the year.

List of Top 8 Haunted Places in the World:

  • Edinburgh’s Castle
  • Berry Pomeroy’s Castle
  • Dominican Hill
  • Monte Cristo
  • Enchanted Ramp
  • Highgate Cemetery
  • Ohio University of America
  • Screaming Tunnel of Ontario

1. Edinburgh’s Castle, Scotland

The stories of this palace are horrifying. This palace is magnificent and attractive to see, but the scary sounds and screams of people who have died keep coming behind this beauty. It is believed that the souls who died during the plague and the American War of Independence continue to roam this place. Many people also believe that the spirits of dogs also wander here.

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2. Berry Pomeroy’s Castle, England

There are many incidents related to this palace built in the 14th century. Two famous female ghosts are White Lady and Blue Lady; the White Lady was Margaret Pomeroy. Margaret’s sister was very jealous of her. Because of this jealousy, one day, she imprisoned Margaret. Due to imprisonment and starvation, Margaret died in prison itself. No one has yet been able to know who is the Blue Lady. But it is said that whoever goes after that Blue Lady will never come back.

Berry Pomeroy's Castle

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3. Dominican Hill, Baguio

It is said that many people were killed here during the war whose souls keep roaming. It is said that the wounded soldiers who wanted to live even after being injured in the war but they died, their souls wander here even today. At this ghostly place, the doors of the palace were knocked loudly. This is one of the most popular haunted places in the world. Creepy sounds of khatna are also heard. The breaking of empty utensils and strange screams are also heard, which confirms the spirits residing here.

Dominican Hill

4. Monte Cristo, Australia

This ghostly place in Australia is considered very dangerous. Some people say that as soon as he entered that room, the person stopped breathing automatically. But when he came out of the room, his health was excellent. Light on and off automatically is another special sign of this house. People believe that the soul of a lady wanders here. After the death of her husband, this woman named Mrs. Crowley came out of her house only twice in 23 years. It is said about this female ghost that she does not allow anyone to enter her house even today. Especially in her room, she always keeps her presence recorded.

Monte Cristo

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5. Enchanted Ramp, England

It is said that the building, built over the cemetery in England, is entirely occupied by spirits. Strange sounds are always heard. Along with the terrible smell in this house, extraordinary things are also found. The people said that the mothers and children were also sacrificed here.

Enchanted Ramp

6. Highgate Cemetery, London

This place is considered to be one of the most infamous haunted places in London. It is said that the beheaded souls roam here. As the evening approaches, no one can be seen here. People who come here also become crazy about its art. The specialty of this place is that the body of Karl Marx, the great thinker who gave the knowledge of commerce to the world, was also buried here.

Highgate Cemetery

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7. Ohio University of America, America

Most of Ohio University’s campuses are considered haunted. An Organization, The British Society for Physical Research, believes that Ohio University is one of the most haunted places in the World. It is said that the Wilson Hall here became very famous because of a girl whom everyone believed to be a witch. The girl died after writing extraordinary and mysterious stories on the walls of this hall with her blood. While the Washington Hall is believed to be haunted by the spirits of the players who died in an accident. Sometimes people also hear voices playing basketball games here.

Ohio University of America

8. Screaming Tunnel of Ontario, Canada

The mystery of the Screaming Tunnel is considered the most terrifying of all the stories related to Niagara Falls. This cave connects Niagara Falls to Toronto.

Screaming Tunnel of Ontario

According to the people, the soul of a burning girl keeps wandering in this cave. It is said that she sits in the cave during the night and burns her body with matches and screams throughout the night.

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