Hill Stations

Best Weekend Getaways to Travel the Hill Stations near Chennai

South India is packed with a lot of natural beauties. From tranquil beaches to historical temples and hilly terrains, there’s plenty to do in the south of India. If TourismChennai wants to talk about Chennai specifically, the capital of Tamil Nadu is packed with many attractions places also it’s developed into a bustling city. The city usually experiences warm weather most time of the year. Chennai is one of the major educational centers in the Country. Chennai is proud to be one of the most visited Indian cities by international tourists, ranked 47th in the world. Why not, there are thousands of beautiful temples and art and performing centers in Chennai, but the proximity to so many beautiful hill stations makes this place an ideal place to visit. With lush green quaint landscapes, the hill stations near Chennai are a great idea for a short trip, which will give your family and friends a much-needed break. Foreign tourists visit this beautiful city a lot, so why not think through visiting these attractive hill stations this winter? To sort your work at ease, TourismChennai has shortlisted the best hill stations around Chennai based on distance-wise; here is the palette for you. Choose whatever you like!

  1. Javadi Hills
  2. Yelagiri
  3. Horsley Hills
  4. Nandi Hills
  5. Kolli Hills