Kailasakona Waterfalls

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Kailasakona Waterfall is an admired the natural beauty also perennial waterfall was located in the Nagari hills Village in Chittoor District. This is one of the famous Waterfalls near Chennai. Kailasanatha Kona is also known as a Kailasa Kona or Kone Falls.  The water makes from the splitting in a mass rocky. The place has a distance of 13 km away from Puttur, 25 km away from Nagari, 46 km away from Tirupati, and 92 km away from Chennai.

The altitude of the waterfalls has almost 30 meters or 40 feet from the ground. The water drops into a small pool under the rock. The water here is pristine, crystal clear with significant mineral values, medicinal powers and can cure all kinds of ailments. The travelers are not permitted to go uphill and not accessible on top of the falls.

This waterfall is the second highest waterfall in the Chittoor district. What makes the waterfall specialty is that there is water throughout the year. A few years ago, people drinking water from this waterfall which had many medical values, but over the years, visitors have polluted the source of the waterfall pond and waterfall at the top of the mountain has become a major dump yard. Also, before the waterfalls and the temple were managed and maintained by local authorities, but now it is controlled by private people, which has damaged the maintenance, safety, cleanliness, and spirituality of the area. The waterfall is opened from morning 06:00 AM to evening 6:00 PM.

Legend of Kailasakona Waterfall

The legend says this place was blessed by Lord Kailasanatheswara Swamy or Lord Shiva, who attended the marriage of Lord Venkateswara Swamy with Goddess Padmavati on Narayanavanam. Also, the people believe that Lord Shiva was meditated at Kailasakona Waterfalls, which became known as Kailasakona. The place devoted Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi, here a small temple were situated near the waterfalls, this makes the place becomes a religiously important place.

With all these attractions and easy accessibility, this perennial waterfall is the best place in your travel plan for a one-day visit near Chennai.

Best time: October and February

Duration: One Day

Attractive Places nearby the Waterfall: 

  • Nagalapuram Waterfall
  • Nagari Hills
  • Saddhi Koodu Madugu WaterFalls

Location: Narayanavanam Mandal

How to Reach:

Distance: 92KM from Chennai.

Nearest Airport: Tirupati International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Puttur