Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is the oldest hill station, it also called Nandi Durg or Nandi Betta is located in Chikkabalapur district, Karnataka.  This place located near the township of Nandi; also the belief of this oldest place has an origin of the Arkavathy River. The place has a devoted to the Nandi statue that is an earliest Dravidian temple; based on the temple this place getting a name as Nandi Hills.

History of the Nandi Hills:

Moreover, there are various stories revolve around the origin of its name. In the Chola period, the hills were known as “Ananda Giri” meaning of this “The Hill of Happiness”. Some others tell that Yoga Nandishwara made his penance here, so from his name the place name was derived. The name Nandi Hills is also said to have made from the unity of the mountain as a sleeping bull (Nandi).

Nandi Hills, located at an elevation of 4851m above sea level which is one of the hill stations near Chennai within 300kms, is a popular journey’s point for who loves nature and also a famous picnic spot.

Here, Tipu Sulta spends his time in the summer season; also this hill fort has distributed with monuments and shrines and is a pleasing transformation from the bustle of city life. Nowadays, many numbers of cyclists, photographers, and trekking go for a weekend trip. What’s further, you can also take a guided wine tour in Nandi Hills. While entering into the winery before that take a long and relax walk gone with the dense rows of grapevines. Once you enter into the winery, you will see the complete process of wine-making; which from squeezing of grapes up to the finishing wrapping of wine bottles. Also, in the wine tasting session, you will get a chance to taste a variety of wines.

If you want to take photos and admire the beauty of nature and be moved by the attractive views which have formed a Mother Nature for you, Nandi Hills is the perfect place for you. With some breathtaking views, rare plants, cool fresh air, and tranquility make the hills the perfect place for holiday vacation.

Early morning is the best time to admire the beauty of this beautiful place. Even though you can go to the hills at any time of the year, it is suggested to visit that period of the monsoons.

Best time: October to May

Elevation: 1450 mts.

Trip Duration: One Day

Attractions and place to visit nearby:    

  • Paragliding and Cycling
  • Skandagiri
  • Bhoga Nandeeswara Temple
  • Tipu Sultan’s Fort
  • Brahmashram
  • Grover’s Zampa Vineyard
  • Tipu’s Summer Residence
  • Amrita Sarovar
  • Muddenahalli

How to Reach

Distance: 346 KM from Chennai

Nearest Airport: Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore

Nearest Railway Station: Chikkaballapur