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16 Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

Last updated on April 24th, 2020 at 03:10 pm

So, are you a traveler looking for some great Places to Visit in Chennai at Night? Or just a person who is stuck here intentionally to explore the night beauty. Even if you are local here and after a tiring day wants a great place to chill out at night then you are at the perfect site. This blog will take you on a virtual ride that covers all the vibrant and perfect night hangout places in Chennai which you can explore in real later. So, take some time out from your busy schedule because after reading this blog you are going on a trip to witness some amazing night out places in Chennai. Night in Chennai, unlike other places, is not only limited to pubs or restaurants, but there are also a lot of structurally perfect heritage sites, beaches, and night drive places in Chennai.

Chennai is a cultural hub of South India and a major metropolis of the country. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu and famous for showcasing the vibrant and different cultures, talents in dance, singing, theater, and even in IT sector. It is the home for some of the well-known universities and top companies or organizations. Due to which it is one of the fascinating cities of India. No matter if you are a night person or a daydreamer you will never get bored from this city because of its amazing day and night out places in Chennai. Presenting some best night hangout place in Chennai.

Beaches to Visit in Chennai at Night

If you are an ocean or sea lover, then there are some memorizing beaches situated here which are the best late-night hangout places in Chennai. The night sky and soothing sound of waves striking the seashore are worthy of your exhausting and busy day. Following is a list of beaches which will make your trip more exciting.

1. Marina Beach

It is one of the Top Places to Visit in Chennai at Night and a wide range of vendors selling various types of food and dishes out there is just a bonus for everyone. Unlike day beaches become quite pleasant at night time and therefore it is perfect for a late-night hangout place in Chennai. There are also a lot of fun things to do here. Marina Beach is also home to local wildlife which can be easily seen there. Exploring sea at night will make your day even more adventurous.

Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

  • Location: Marina Beach Road, Chennai
  • Timing: Open all-day

2. Elliot’s Beach

It is titled as one of the cleanest beaches of Chennai. it is situated on the eastern coast. The beach is very popular among the youngster as it is one of the most happening places and consider as one of the best night hangout places in Chennai. filled with sand the land started looking beautiful as slowly when moon rays reflect its surface. if you want to experience this pleasant feeling then head towards the beach right now and you will find yourself relaxing as soon as you get there.

Best Night Hangout Places in Chennai

  • Location: Near Besant Nagar, Chennai
  • Timings: Open All Day

3. Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Out of all the beaches, it is the quietest and isolated one. If you need a relaxing environment where you can just relax and listen to ocean sounds without any human interruption, visiting here is the solution. You can also witness the mesmerizing sunset over here.

Late Night Hangout Places in Chennai

  • Location: Valmiki Nagar, Chennai
  • Timings: Open all-day

4. Covelong Beach

It is Situated at Coromandel Coast approx. 40 km away from the main city, this beach can be your escape plan from an exhausting day. It is known as one of the most important and famous tourist spots. The beach is also famous for its nightlife, many travelers and locals majorly prefer to come here in evenings and nights as the environment becomes so relaxing and somehow watching the waves gives you inner peace.

Night Hangout Place in Chennai

  • Location: Covelong, Tamil Nadu
  • Timing: Opens All Day

5. Mahabalipuram Beach

Located in Mahabalipuram, this beach got its name from the city itself. This beach is just an addition to the beauty of Chennai.

Night Out Places in Chennai

  • Location: Mahabalipuram, Chennai
  • Timing: Opens All Day

Clubs and Restaurants to Visit in Chennai at Night

If you want to spend your evening peacefully and are looking for a place to enjoy delicious dishes, then Chennai has it all. These restaurants and cafes are not only good in cooking some great dishes but also their interiors and services will make you go again and again there. Some of them open their services till full night. So here is a list of some late-night restaurants in Chennai

6. Cloud 9

It is a rooftop restaurant located in T. Nagar, Chennai. it provides a wide range of dishes with consistency in taste. Popular among youth it is one of the. This restaurant has an open bar and serves various beer and wines which will make your outing even more special. Live music and regular band performances make it one of the best restaurants in Chennai. This open roof restaurant opens till late at night and a good place to spend your evening blissfully. It is perfect for a family outing or even for a romantic date due to its reasonable rates and nice environment.

Best Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

  • Location: T.Nagar, Chennai
  • Timing: 7PM- 12AM
  • Cost: INR 1200 onwards for two

7. Dublin

Dublin is a famous club and bar which is quite popular among youngsters. It is known for its night parties, loud music, and a lot of entertainment. Also known as the most happening place, Dublin is perfect late-night restaurants in Chennai. It is a perfect place for any night owl who loves to party as it opens till 3 am in the morning. The club is also famous for its luxurious environment, good food, and awesome DJ added to the beauty of this club. Dublin is a great hangout place for parties and fun.

Perfect Late Night Restaurants in Chennai

  • Location: Sheraton Park Hotel, TTK Road, Abhiramapuram, Chennai
  • Timing: 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Cost: INR 2000 for single & INR 4000 for a couple

8. Pan Asian

Pan Asian is an oriental restaurant known for its ambiance and exceptionally elegant food. It serves one of the best Asian cuisines in town which includes Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, sushi, and Asian. Pan Asian is a part of the ITC hotel and it is counted as best in terms of food, interior, and surroundings, a perfect luxury dining option. You will surely stop bragging about its fantastic features and high level of services. Their unique culinary offering will make your evening even more special and it is a perfect place for a family outing. You can’t resist yourself from going back there.Late Night Restaurants in Chennai

  • Location: Mount Road, Grundy, Chennai
  • Timing: 7 PM – 11:30 PM
  • Cost: INR 4000 for two

9. Q Bar-located in the Hilton hotel

Q bar is an open bar with a patio setting and your perfect escape plan from an exhausting day. Situated in the posh hotel, this bar is quite classy and luxuries, a little bit expensive but all in best for our late-night hangout place in Chennai. The place is surrounded by a swimming pool which is a total bonus feature. Also known for its great ambiance, it serves good food and beverages. Open space helps you to witness the amazing city view which becomes more soothing at nights. You can enjoy various signature drinks, cocktails while listening to great music.

Late Night Hangout Place in Chennai

  • Location: Hotel Hilton, Chennai
  • Timing: 7 PM – 1 AM
  • Cost: INR 3000 for two people

10. The Flying Elephant

The flying elephant is a part of a luxurious Park Hyatt hotel. It is beautifully designed by international designer George Wong. It gives you an ultimate different level of experience and offers you a great service. The Flying Elephant is famous for its amazing dining setting and serves a wide and vibrant variety of food which consists of North Indian, Western, Southeast Asian, Italian & Middle Eastern. You can enjoy calming music with delicious cuisines that is the Best Places to Visit in Chennai at Night. Also, the DJ here will make you stand on your feet and dance whole night long in the club setting of Flying Elephant. The service, food, and interior make you come again and again.

Perfect Late Night Hangout Place in Chennai

  • Location: Park Hyatt Hotel, Chennai
  • Timing:7 PM to 1 AM (Open till 3 AM on weekends)
  • Cost: INR 1000-2000 for single

11. Illusion

Counted as one of the trendy pubs, Illusion is the famous night hangout places in Chennai. It serves a wide variety of food but majorly known for its Chinese and Indian cuisine. As soon as you enter the pub your mood will be automatically turned on by the funky and dope music. The illusion is known for trendy and classy parties. Its exotic and signature drinks will make you want to say there for a long time. The musical environment will never let you sit but dance all night long. Staff is known for their kind and understanding behavior. With great music and food, good ambiance makes it a perfect package.

Night Hangout Places in Chennai


  • Location: 105, 1st Floor, Radha Krishnan Salaim Mylapore, Chennai
  • Timing: 6:30 PM to 12 AM
  • Cost: INR 1500 for couples only

Others Amazing Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

If you want to spend your night peacefully without nay loud music playing in the background, then there are several other places to enjoy your amazing night. Chennai is more than pubs, restaurants or beaches. There are a lot of places to explore here. And most of them reflect Chennai’s beauty at its best. Chennai is also home for amazing talents and art forms such as theater, drama, singing, music, and art. People here regularly hold various events to showcase such talents. It makes your night more relaxing and greater for your networking. Also, heritage sites here are very promising. Some of them are here.

12. Vivekananda House

It is located at the front gate of Marina Beach. If you want to explore the history, this property is amazing. It showcases Swami Vivekananda’s life, his achievements, and his great works. It is once known as an ice house or Castle Kernan. This historical and structurally perfect building was built by Frederic Tudor in 1842. Later in 1892, Swami Vivekananda after coming back to India stayed here. It is named after him in his honor. It is one of the oldest buildings in Chennai.

Amazing Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

  • Location: Marina Beach Road, Kamarajar Salai, Triplicane, Chennai
  • Timing: 10 AM – 12:30 PM; 3:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Cost: Rs.10 per ticket

13. Pulicat

Pulicat is a small town located 55 km away from Chennai. it is one of the. pullicat consists of the sea on its boundaries and known as seashore town. So, if you are a sea person or just want a calming drive then pullicat is a perfect option for that. Late night-sea under the sky full of shining stars, you can already imagine how soothing is that. It is sited at the island known as barricade island which divides the Bay of Bengal and pulicat lake and makes it an amazing view to check out at night. Pulicat also has several other awesome places such as a church, Dutch cemetery, bird centuries and fort to visit.

Night Drive Places in Chennai

  • Location: 55 km away from Chennai

14. Open Air Theater (OAT)

It is an awesome night drive place in Chennai. it is located at the IIT Madras campus. It is a perfect weekend getaway as it hosts musical performance and movie screening on a regular basis. This theater has an open ground setting which makes it an outstanding feature and quite popular among youngsters and couples. Get out of your room and watch movies under the shining stars and soothing environment.

Perfect Night Drive Places in Chennai

  • Location: Hostel Avenue, IIT Madras Campus, Chennai
  • Timing: The last show is at 9 pm

15. Phoenix Market City

It is located at Velachery road in Chennai and a perfect getaway or night drive place in Chennai. it is the seventh-largest mall in India (1,000,000 sq. ft (93,000 m²) gross leasable area) and the second-largest mall in Chennai. Phoenix Market City mall was built in January 2013. It is a place for all whether youngsters, family couples, or senior citizens. Phoenix Market City has 700 stores inside it which sells everything you need. It is a complete package for shopping, food, and entertainment. The light decoration on it makes it more beautiful at night. The pubs and spa inside it attract about thousands of heads every day.

Awesome Night Drive Place in Chennai

  • Location: Velachery Road, Chennai
  • Timing: 10 AM to 10 PM

16. Burma Bazaar

It is one of the Places to Visit in Chennai at Night, located at Parry’s corner. it covers a large area and consists of many stalls, shops, and showrooms which sell almost everything. It is popular for its street food which is available in a wide range and sold by a chain of vendors. Burma Bazaar is run or controlled by Burmese refugees. It is set up by the government of Tamil Nadu around 1969. It is known as the unorganized and grey area in Chennai. so, if you are looking for a little adventure in the night, Burma bazaar will not disappoint you.

Perfect Places to Visit in Chennai at Night

  • Location: Parry’s Corner, Chennai
  • Timing: 9 am to 10 pm

So now you know the Places to Visit in Chennai at Night through Tourism Chennai, go-ahead set your schedule, and go out on a ride to these amazing places.

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