5 Best Scuba Diving In Chennai

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Chennai is an attractive city located in the state of Tamil Nadu which is branded for its peaceful beaches and a loaded culture. One can enjoy many things like water sports or sightseeing in Chennai, but one of the main sports you will enjoy there is scuba diving. Scuba diving in Chennai is enjoyable and permits you to throw yourself into the deep sea with self-belief and traverse the underwater surprises and vibrant marine life!

Compare to other adventure actions, diving needs precise skills, as it needs breathing through the mouth with the assist of the cylinder, but not with the nose. However, dive is so addictive to facilitate you can’t help but love the water!

5 Popular Schools For Scuba Diving In Chennai

As scuba diving is a famous water sports in Chennai, at hand a lot of operators that make sure safe and excitement diving for everyone. A check out the 5 popular operators for scuba diving in Chennai is:

  1. Salty Bone Divers
  2. Chennai Institute Of Diving
  3. Chennai Dive Paradise
  4. Dive Chennai
  5. DIVEIndia Chennai

1. Salty Bone Divers

Salty Bone Divers is one the adventure scuba driving in Chennai, it’s a PADI Dive Center at ECR in Injambakkam, situated on an attractive farm all rounded by trees. There are numerous diving sites that this operator offers to suit your diving requirements. One of the steadiest conditions is “large rock”. It’s a part of a large rock, about 5 km from the coastline, and more than a few kilometers along the shore. The bottom maximum up to 18 meters, this is perfect for student divers.

Cost: INR 5,550 + Taxes (per person)

Location: 2/171, East Coast Road Injambakkam, Chennai

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2. Chennai Institute Of Diving

The place welcomes you to the Diving Recreation Center. Here, you can have entertaining and take pleasure in many adventures. Ultimately, this amazing scuba dive in Chennai experience feel more relaxing for you. The training will starts at Neyveli and guided by well-trained professionals during your training course.

Cost: INR 5,200(per person)

Location: 8/7 Seethakathi Nagar, George Town, Chennai.

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3. Chennai Dive Paradise

Scuba diving in Chennai at ECR is like a one day outing in Chennai that starts to dive into the large submarine managed here. This operator permits you to enjoy night dives with great security!

Cost: INR 3,000-5,500(per person)

Location: No.1 MGR Street, Muttukadu, ECR Chennai, Opposite to MGM Dizzee world

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4. Dive Chennai

Situated in the southern outskirts of Chennai, it provides diving courses from newbie to well-trained professional, this place like a one day trip. They offer training courses along with certification for all PADI diving classes and the one who performed well and qualified the courses will be placed in the best diving sites in the city. They specialize in early water training in the open water, diving in the Andaman Islands or the terrain before heading abroad. Enjoy all the beauty of the wonderful underwater world of our world.

Cost: INR 6,500-15,000(per person)

Location: Dive Chennai, Off-Road Sports Campus, 168/3D, Pattipulam, ECR Road Chennai.

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5. DIVEIndia Chennai

Heart of Chennai, this operator provides a multiple ranges of diving programs, including the initial introductory course, diving training course (full courses or pool training only), diving classes and long-term education courses. For those people coming from outside places, there are several staying options available in the ECR / Kovalam area based on your budget.

Cost: INR 6,500-10,000(per person)

Location: Near TheTaj Fisherman Cove, Kovalam, Chennai

Traverse the mysterious attractiveness secrets in the waters of the earth while enjoying scuba diving in Chennai! Dive deeper and experience the crisis of aquatic life; enjoy floating corals, multi-colored and rich fishes, giant marine mammals, seashore flowers and many more on your upcoming trip to Chennai!

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