Talakona Waterfalls

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Talakona waterfall is located in Sri Venkateswara National Park close to Nerabailu Village of Yerravaripalem Mandal of Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. The beautiful waterfall dropping deep into a valley from an altitude of about 270 feet (82m) which is the largest waterfall also one of the best tourist spots in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is also one of the popular Waterfalls near Chennai. The place has at a distance of 49 km away from Bakarapet and 192 km away from Chennai.

These waterfalls are located within a dense forest that is bounded by admire beauty of nature and lush green. The people believe that Talakona falls water is enhanced with the quality of herbs with medical powers. The place was announced as Bio-Sphere Reserve during 1989-1990, for the reason, a wide range of different species of flora, and fauna existing in the area. In this dense forest, you can find a variety of rare species animals like Sambar, Porcupine, Cheetal, Golden Gecko, Indian Giant Squirrel, Slender Loris, Panther, and Mouse Deer, etc. Widespread species like Red Sander, Cycas beddomeii and Entenda like giant flora are also found in this area. Also, this place mostly surrounded by sandalwood trees with some valuable medicinal plants. Talakona exactly represents ‘head hill’ (Tala + Kona means Head + Hill) in Telugu. Moreover, this place originates from the Seshachalam Hills which is believed the starting point of Tirumala mountain ranges.

Trekking Experiences to the Waterfall:

The canopy rope walk for 240 meters long, which is approximately 35 to 40 feet high, provides travelers a thrilling experience while walking. There are strong trees with birds and monkeys through the canopy walk. There are various types of difficulty trekking routes, giving the visitor an option to pick out their route. There are many caves on the hills where it is believed that sages meditate forever.

Famous Temple near the Waterfall:

Another place to this waterfall is Lord Siddeshwara Swamy temple that is near to the falls. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva which is made by a devotee called Appa Swamy in 1811 AD. Generally, the popular festival in this region is Shivaratri at that time this temple was crowded by devotees. The waterfall is about 2 km away from the Siddheshwara Swamy Temple, which is the closest motor vehicle road to the waterfall. The interval period of the trekking using the way of dense forest and the slippery road is around 30 minutes (one way).

Accommodation Details near the Waterfall:

For Accommodation, they were offering two types of guest houses: Forest Guest House and TTD Guest House. If you want accommodation in the dense forest, it provides enormous pleasure for tourists to spend timing at night. The guest house is managed by the Forest Department of Andhra Pradesh. Here, 6 Suites Rooms and 2 Dormitories along with attached bathrooms available also which is cost-wise cheap and best. Day wise cost of the Room is around Rs. 600 and Dormitory about Rs. 1000. To avoid last-minute rushes the forest department offering the facilities of online booking through their websites for booking the rooms. Please refer to this site for booking the rooms www.seshachalavanadarshini.com.

TTD Guest House at Talakona is for pilgrims that have 12 rooms and each room has allotted with two beds along with attached bathrooms amount of Rs. 250/- per day. There is no facility for advance payment or online booking.

The Best time to visit this place is from October to January. Normally, it takes a whole day. There are many private transport services running from Bakarapet to falls, also a direct bus available from Tirupati and Chittoor.

Best time: October to January

Duration: One Day

Attractive Places nearby the Waterfall: 

  • Tirumala
  • Horsley Hills
  • Siddeshwara Swamy Temple

Location: Nerabailu village in Yerravaripalem Mandal

How to Reach:

Distance: 192KM from Chennai

Nearest Airport: Tirupati International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Tirupati