Train List from Chennai Central to Bangalore Junction

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Chennai city has a lot of educational institutions, IT companies, and more people organizing a conference and events. Are you living in Chennai or planning to visit Chennai, the traveling mode of the train could be more comfortable compared to other types. To easily know the details of trains from Chennai Central (MAS) to Bangalore Junction, Tourism Chennai has prepared the list for your convenience. Generally, in Bangalore have two stations of KSR Bengaluru and Yesvantpur Jn. The train route for Chennai to KSR Bengaluru has stopped at the junction of Arakkonam Jn, Katpadi Jn, Jolarpettai, Bangarapet, Bengaluru East, Bengaluru Cant, KSR Bengaluru. Anther station of Yesvantpur Jn route has stopped the place of Arakkonam Jn, Walajah Road Jn, Jolarpettai, Bangarapet, Krishnarajapurm, Yesvantpur Jn.

S.No. Train No. Train Name Type Departure Time Arrival Time Duration Run Days
1. 12007 Shatabdi Exp SF 06.00 10.55 04.55 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun
2. 22625 SBC Double Deck SF 07.25 13.10 05.45 All Days
3. 12639 Brindavan Exp SF 07.40 13.40 06.00 All Days
4. 22601 Shirdi Express SF 10.10 16.03 05.53 Wed only
5. 12552 KYQ YPR AC Exp SF 11.40 18.25 06.45 Fri only
6. 12609 Mysuru Exp SF 13.35 20.05 06.30 All Days
7. 12296 Sangha Mitra Ex SF 13.55 20.20 06.25 All Days
8. 12577 Bagmati Express SF 14.45 20.40 05.55 Thu only
9. 22351 PPTA YPR Exp SF 14.45 20.55 06.10 Sun only
10. 06222 MAS SMET Exp Exp 15.00 21.00 06.00 Tue only
11. 17311 MAS VASCO Exp Exp 15.00 21.35 06.35 Fri only
12. 12607 Lalbagh Express SF 15.30 21.35 06.05 All Days
13. 12027 Shatabdi Exp SF 17.30 22.30 05.00 Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, and Sun
14. 16021 Kaveri Express Exp 21.15 03.50 06.35 All Days
15. 12657 Bangalore Mail SF 22.55 04.45 05.50 All Days
16. 22682 Mysore Express SF 23.30 05.25 05.55 Thu only
17. 12292 Yesvantpur Exp SF 23.30 06.00 06.30 Sat only
18. 12691 SSPN Express SF 23.30 05.25 05.55 Fri only

Exp – Express, SF – Super Fast

Apart from that few trains are stopped at the junction of Perambur, Tiruvallur, Anavardikhanpet, Sholinghur, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Kuppam, and Whitefield. Totally 18 trains running from Chennai to Bangalore, out of that 7 trains are run daily. Here, we mentioned the list of trains from Chennai Central (MAS) to Bangalore Junction SBC. The distance from Chennai to Bangalore by Train is 392 KM. The fastest train running between the stations is Shatabdi Exp – 12007. The slowest train from Chennai to Bangalore is KYQ YPR AC Exp – 12552. Also, the train timing specified in the railway format of 24-Hour. So carefully note down the timings and book the trains according to your plan, make use of it.

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