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Are you searching for publish travel guest post on TourismChennai? Would you interested to write for us with any of the following niche to know about traveler story, sightseeing places, hotel/restaurants, tour packages or anything it is that you want to advertise? TourismChennai ready to allow Guest Post Contribution now!

Guidelines for Guest Posting

TourismChennai has at the present allowing guest posts, but we are very specific in relate to the types of posts that we accept.

Once you willing to submitting Guest post with us, you must agree to provide all rights to the content you published on by contributing as a Guest Poster.

To contribute as a Guest Poster, please go through the instructions below.

Quick Points to Remember:

  1. Article must be 800+ words
  2. Article must avoid plagiarism need quality content
  3. Should not contain any grammatical mistakes.
  4. Should have at least 1 image.
  5. No changes would be allowed after the content goes live.

Guidelines for Writing Content

Your post content should be unique. If it is copied from other source or has been published before any other sites, it will be rejected. You should write the content at least 800 word count and may be goes up to 1000 words or more than that. Also, keep in mind not to use promotional content as creating your post. You can include 2 internal links to relevant posts on

Test out your content with or other plagiarism checker to make sure that you’re submitting 100% unique content to us.

Along that, content pass from plagiarism or else, the content will not be accepted for going live.

We will have the editorial rights on the articles and it will undergo an approval process (if the corrections are more than slight modifications) before the modifications are included. Once an article goes on live not allowed any corrections at any cost. We keep the rights to reject any content publishing is not guaranteed, but we will email the reason for rejection.

If the article approved for publication, the post will be show on, also promote the articles on various social media platforms.

Guidelines for Images

Images are also having a few limitations. You must consist of 1 to 3 images in the article and no other than that. Also, clear all the copyright tests for all images. It should be high-quality images with at least 800 px width.

Outbound links:

Only one link can be included to your site. No byline links are permitted.

Contributor Sign Up:

Mail your post to and ask to be providing on the author list of Guest Post. We heartily welcome the Fresh Writers; while we have team who can help improving your writing skills of articles before it get published.

Who All Can Submit Guest Post?

If you are shows interesting about traveling and love to create your experiences in an expressive format, this is the best and suitable platform for you. You can write about to share your own travel moments and thrills or specifics about any destination places that could be help others to plan their vacation.

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